Seeking shelter in stormy seas

Published by Josee & Deb on Oct 28, 2016

Many Canadians are apprehensive about investing. And who can blame them? Between plunging oil and commodity prices, and the Canadian dollar's free fall, the economy has taken a big hit. So has investor... Continue reading

Have your latte and drink it too!

Published by Josee & Deb on Aug 20, 2016

Every month our website has six new feature articles to help keep you informed about personal finance and daily living. This month the article from Jim Wang gives us three easy examples of how taking ... Continue reading

Embrace Italy's La Dolce Vita

Published by Josee & Deb on Jul 22, 2016

Italy welcomed 47.7 million international visitors in 2013, and no wonder: Italy offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking for the ancient or the modern, famous art or yet-to-be-discovered... Continue reading

Millennials and money

Published by Josee & Deb on Jun 30, 2016

They’re poised to overtake the baby boomers as the largest living generation. Within five years, they’re expected to make up half the global workforce. Yet millennials face distinct challenges as they... Continue reading

Away from it all

Published by Josee & Deb on May 13, 2016

Is cottage ownership for you?   If you've ever dreamed of owning a cottage, with summer weekends on a dock and the call of loons in the air, you're not alone. Spending time at a cottage is a top priority... Continue reading

Are your investments protected from creditors?

Published by Josee & Deb on Apr 29, 2016

Legislation exists at both the federal and provincial levels to protect assets from potential creditors.   You may have come across the term "creditor protection" in the context of certain registered ... Continue reading

Get $750 cash back on a new Manulife One all-in-one mortgage, line of credit and bank account!

Published by Josee & Deb on Mar 28, 2016

Welcome to our March 2016 newsletter. This issue profiles several key Manulife Bank initiatives, including: Manulife One campaign offers $750 cash back to new clients New self-serve option to print a ... Continue reading

Five timeless principles for investing success

Published by Josee and Deb on Jan 31, 2016

While investing in volatile times can sometimes challenge your discipline and commitment, there are five timeless principles to include in your investment strategy that can help ease your mind and keep... Continue reading

2.5% Interest this fall on new Manulife Bank deposits

Published by Josee & Deb on Oct 21, 2015

2.5% Interest this fall on new Manulife Bank deposits   This fall watch the leaves turn colour and your wallet turn greener   Call or email us to take advantage of this limited-time offer.   Earn 2.50%... Continue reading

Travelling soon?

Published by Josee & Deb on Jun 29, 2015

No one expects to have a medical emergency away from home, or to have to cancel a trip due to an emergency. But these events happen and they can be disruptive and expensive. Protect yourself. Protect ... Continue reading