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The value of naming a beneficiary

Tips on how to improve your credit score

Invest your money. Three short, simple words. Or are they?

Take action against fraud Thumbnail

Take action against fraud

Those who perpetrate fraud are constantly trying out new strategies that don’t yet appear on a list. As COVID-19 spread around the world, for example, private companies started trying to sell “faster” tests, people showed up on doorsteps offering “decontamination” services and fraudsters posing as workers for charitable organizations offering free medical products (for example, masks) for a donation.

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Market Update: Second Quarter 2020 Thumbnail

Market Update: Second Quarter 2020

The stock markets in 2020 have resembled riding a wild roller coaster for investors. Despite a very weak economic outlook earlier in the year due to uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, major global stock markets have recovered most of their losses for the year.

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Estate Planning Essentials Thumbnail

Estate Planning Essentials

You know you should do it, but it’s a tough reality to face. Estate planning is a process that many people put off, and you’re certainly not alone if you have yet to begin. Just over half of Canadians (51 per cent) do not have a will, and a further 15 per cent have a will that is not up to date. Those are surprising numbers when you consider just how much is at stake.

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